31 May 2016

Dr. Schluss' Psychedelic Film Fest May 2016

We're a bit on the back burner, but I'm busy creating lots of music and video and want to keep my lines of grooviness open to you.  So let's freak out to a few films to pass the time and take another step towards transcendence.

Aleph (1966)
Strange images presented to you under a strange Kabbalah rhythm and Flash Gordon.  Wallace Berman structured this film as a sort of collage, although he apparently didn't have the budget for sound.  Fortunately, this makes a wonderful platform for your own synchronicities.  I gave it another view with Radiohead's new album.  Something like that works nicely, but may I propose to you that some Psychedelic Garage homegrown Damaged Tape or Glaze of Cathexis recordings may fit the bill as well.

MK-Ultra Programming Video
MK-Ultra was a thing where the CIA experimented with mind control using a variety of methods including LSD.  Do I think this is a real programming video?  Not really.  But it is a hardcore psychedelic time and certainly with a view - provided you have not been subject to satanic ritual mind control.  Anyway, as fair warning there is a sheep decapitation that I skipped right over - you may want to as well.

LSD-25 (1967)
Speaking of LSD, here is an educational short narrated by Mr. LSD himself.  What wouldn't you want to watch that?   They didn't really do their job - it sort of sells the experience, albeit with a hint of danger.

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